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Resources on language development for parents and caregivers


If you want to keep track of the words your young child is learning, you will love the  "Words I Say" app.

Available on the app store

Words I Say

Words I Say is a simple and intuitive application that allows parents or caregivers to track the words said by a child, along with how each word was pronounced and when.

Parents and caregivers will get a simple list of words, displayed in the order they first appeared in the child’s vocabulary. Since a single word will often evolve and be said differently at different time, the app will also keep track of those changes and display them for the parent and caregiver to see the progress.

Proud parents will be able to share their child’s accomplishments, and new words with a one click process to post any new word on the parent’s Facebook page.

  • Keep a list at your fingertips to note new words as soon as you hear them; no more forgetting to mark them down on your calendar when you get home from an outing.
  • Keep track of all the variations in pronunciation for all those words so you can see the progress of your child’s language.
  • Quickly share the news on Facebook with your friends with a one tap process, although you can customize the message however way you want.
  • Edit any entry, at any time; you can change the spelling, the date, etc.
  • See the total number of words in your child’s vocabulary at a glance
  • Keep track of the vocabulary development of more than one child: perfect for twins, or caregivers caring for several children.
  • Add a photo to the child’s profile; again, perfect for multiple children.
  • Even with an English interface, you can enter names and words in any language supported by your device.

Parents and caregivers can use this app to track the child’s vocabulary, whether he has language delays or is developing without any problem.

A great tool to help fill out those written baby books and also to help parents answer questions from a speech language pathologist in case an assessment is needed.


The app is currently only available for iOS platform but an Android version is also in the work.